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Welcome to Body Piercing Mart!  We are the place for both body piercers and piercing enthusiasts to go for all their jewelry and supplies.  When it comes to body modification, we know that you want only the best quality materials.  On top of that, you want something to fit your personal style and needs.  With our large collection, we aim to give both the selection you crave to suit your lifestyle and a quality that you can trust.  Body Piercing Mart has jewelry in every possible design and material for all parts of the body.

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Whether you are looking for a hand carved plug in a large gauge, a gorgeous solid gold labret or a retainer that you can wear while at your 9-5 job, we’ve got it all here for you. Body Piercing Mart is run by professionals who love the art of body modification and work hard to find unique jewelry as well as top-grade equipment for piercing. We know that quality and style are important to you and we work to bring these to our customers at the best possible price. That is why our customers here at Body Piercing Mart keep on coming back.

Body Piercing Mart may be just a store but we understand that the products we sell are much more than just “merchandise.” Our customers are fans of a piercing and body modification culture which goes back centuries. You shouldn’t feel limited in your choices of jewelry for nose piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings or even modification in experimental or obscure body parts. That is why our team is always working to make sure you can find the body piercing jewelry you need to express your style and indulge your passion.

You can start browsing instantly by selecting a type of body piercing. We have divided up our jewelry into the major types of body piercings: lip, nipple, tongue, eyebrow, nose, ear, navel and female and male piercings. Each different area of the body requires a different type of body jewelry for that particular modification. Before shopping through our vast collection of body piercing jewelry, all you need to know is the size of your piercing. Body Piercing Mart has sizes ranging from a small 20 gauge and going up to a half inch. If you don’t fall into this sizing range, don’t worry! Body Piercing Mart is constantly finding new products and searching out specialty piercing sizes. If you want to stretch out your piercing to a larger size, then you can also check out our tapers.

If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, you can browse through the Body Piercing Mart collection by jewelry type. The most popular sellers are our captive rings for just about any part of the body you can modify, whether you have a nose piercing or penis piercing. There are plugs and talons for ear piercings, barbells for eyebrows, noses and more, and even retainers for when you need to hide a body piercing around more conservative people. We here at Body Piercing Mart are working to cover all the basics when it comes to body jewelry and then to go beyond that. Our staff seeks out specialty items and materials to suit all styles. You can even search through the Body Piercing Mart collection by the jewelry’s material. For those who know exactly what they are looking for, just type in the words in our detailed search. You will find the exact body jewelry you want with just a click.

Our online piercing jewelry and supply store is an evolving entity. We are here for you which means that we need to adapt to fit your needs and the ever-changing styles in the body modification world. We love to hear from our customers to get feedback, new ideas or special requests. You can always feel free to contact us in regards to any questions you have, whether it is about our team of specialists at Body Piercing Mart or questions about making an order. Whether you’ve got a lip piercing, tongue ring or any modification, we hope that you will find what you are looking for at Body Piercing Mart.